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Guests cannot stop raving...

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posted 07/17/2015 by Sarah N

When my husband proposed out on Block Island, our first order of official wedding business became booking Sugar. We had first heard Sugar play at Yellow Kittens on the Block five years prior and while we were there we proclaimed that when we got married, Sugar would have to play at our wedding. So, a few weeks after our engagement, we made our way to one of their local shows with parents in tow to one of their shows to vet them and make sure our ears had not deceived us that original night. From the first note, we knew that they had not. I proclaimed to my dad that I knew this was the band because they made me want to dance -- me! a person who is self-admittedly rhythmically challenged and generally needs to be dragged onto a dance floor. I reached out that night by email and was responded to promptly by the ever so warm and professional, Marcy. We booked Sugar before we even had booked our venue. The band was great to work with throughout the entire process. Marcy responded to all my requests and questions in a timely fashion throughout our planning process and at times even kept me on task! They went above and beyond by learning our first dance song for us! However, the true talent of this band, of course, is their music and their energy. Every single member of the band is ridiculously talented. They get the crowd going and wow them all night long. The dance floor was packed the entire night. My husband's favorite moment of the wedding was seeing every single one our guests on the dance floor for the last song, going wild. Nobody wanted the night to end. Our guests have not stopped talking about how amazing the band was and how much fun they had. We had gone to see them play twice during the planning months to get and idea of what songs we wanted them to play. We had a blast each and every time. For the wedding, we requested 10 songs and they put together the rest of the set list, a diverse and wonderful mix -- there was something for everyone (which of course our guests noted and commented on as well)! We will be continuing to go see Sugar play at their local shows throughout the years to come and I am pretty sure that we will have friends and family asking to join us from now on!

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Best Wedding Band of All Time

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posted 01/07/2015 by amy l

Trust me, Sugar is the best investment you'll make in your wedding, they are INCREDIBLE. We were hopeful our guests would love them but Sugar truly blew EVERYONE away with a great night of music and dancing. Marcy and team were so patience and accommodating during our wedding planning. We bounced song after song off them and they were open to all ideas. They actually learned our first dance song just for us making the night even more special. We had the acoustic trio perform at cocktails followed by the full band at the reception. Marcy did a great job MC'ing and rolled with an ever-changing itinerary. People were dancing long after the bar shut down. Even almost 6 months later people compliment us on having the best wedding band they'd ever seen. We simply cannot recommend this crew enough, professional, entertaining, modern (is it wrong to say gorgeous too?!) Sugar is the whole package!

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THE Best.

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posted 10/28/2014 by Nicole T 

This band…. There are no words to describe how insanely talented these people are. I had a very diverse crowd at my wedding- older family members, my parents coworkers, my younger friends, but everyone, EVERYONE got up and danced when Sugar started playing. Seriously, the whole wedding rushed the dancefloor when it opened up for everybody, and it stayed full until they had to kick us out. Yep, they turned my wedding reception into an all-ages dance party and it was AWESOME. For days and weeks afterwards, family friends, coworkers, out of town family members were contacting us to rave about how wonderful the music was and how they haven't danced that much in years. My biggest fear was that the wedding wouldn't be as fun for the guest as it would be for me, but Sugar took care of that and we all had a blast. Sugar had a great set list and a remarkable range. Motown, funk, disco, hip hop, pop, we got it all! Marcy also did a great job emceeing for us and working with a surprise guest (a mermaid!) They are on the pricier side but that is because they are completely, amazingly, (maybe magically?) talented. The band was very easy to coordinate and communicate with. They were absolutely fantastic.

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